Baise (fucking)
Do open relationships work?

Any experiences that you’re keen to share?

I need help and opinions 

Any chance of an upload of those sweet looking breasts? if you're body is anything to go by you must have a beautiful face as well <3



I want more
Wanking over your tits send me a picture with your bra off? :)

You didn’t say please

How big are your tits? I want my face and dick between them!

You must be flexible.
They used to be a C but I got new ones. :D

oh is that you? the photo of the girl with her hair pulled back? and yes let us chat :) how have you been lately?

I’ve been good.
I’ve started a new job and I’m moving soon.
I just got out of a relationship with a girl and I’m just reevaluating what I want right now.

your blogs so hot I'm hard just looking at your new boos(; do you think I'd be able to see them with the bra off?

Sure :) all you have to do is ask